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Thank you cougar parents!!!


We are extremely grateful for the support of the Cougar parent community. As a coaching staff we feel blessed by the opportunity to coach your athlete. It is both a privilege and great responsibility that we deeply value and desire to honor.
There is some important logistical information that every parent should be made aware of.
Snack Bar Help
We host six track meets this 2022 season and would greatly appreciate parent help. We are currently looking for help on the following days:
1. Saturday, February 25 (10:00 am-4:00 pm) - Bobbie Bass Sprint Carnival
2. Wednesday, March 22 (2:00-6:30 pm)- Tri v Clovis North/Buchanan
3. Wednesday, April 12 (2:00-6:30 pm) - Dual v Clovis North
4. Friday, May 5 (8:00-3:00pm)- elementary meet
5. Tuesday, May 9 (8:00-3:00pm)- elementary meet
If you are interested in helping with any of these events please contact Coach Mummert:
If you would like to DONATE to the Snack Bar please see the list of items below:

Beverages: Water, Gatorade, Soda                   

Snacks: Cheez-its, Fruit Snacks, Trail Mix, Granola Bars, Starbursts, Skittles, M&Ms, Cookies, Bananas

We take pride in our uniforms and looking unified at meets. Thus, we ask that both the parent and athlete help us to honor this uniform contract (boys and girls). We have also created a uniform checkout directions sheet that details how the clothing should be washed and cared for while in the athlete's possession. 
Uniform summary: Athletes are assigned a competition uniform and a pair of sweats. These cannot be purchased unless they are damaged while checked out to a student. One additional item of clothing is required to be worn over the competition uniform: the crew neck sweatshirt (the crew necks are available for voluntary purchase by the athlete.) If any clothing item is damaged while in the student's possession, then the student owes the replacement cost of the item.


Team expectations
Our team expectations are located on our Track & Field Google Classroom. 


Lettering Policy
Earning a varsity letter is an achievement that we hope every athlete on the team aspires to accomplish. There are several ways that you can realize this goal:
1)Compete at the TRAC Championship Meet and complete the season in good standing.
2)Compete at the North Area Meet and complete the season in good standing.
3)Be a current 12th grader and complete the season in good standing.
4)Any athlete that meets the varsity standards listed below and has completed the season in good standing.
                                                  Girls                         Event                          Boys   
                                                  13.24                        100                            11.24
                                                  27.24                        200                            22.94
                                                  62.94                        400                            52.74
                                               2:28.14                        800                            2:03.14
                                               5:28.14                       1600                           4:39.14
                                             11:58.14                       3200                           10:09.14
                                                  17.94                   100/110 H                       16.54
                                                  50.14                       300 H                          42.04
                                                      8’6”                        PV                             12’0”
                                                  15’11”                         LJ                              20’9”
                                                    33’0”                         TJ                              42’0”
                                                      4’9”                         HJ                              6’0”
                                                    33’0”                         SP                             47’0”
                                                    100’0”                        D                              140’0”
Completing the season in good standing – means that you compete through the end of the season in meets that you qualify for, attend the awards night, turn in your uniform, and turn in any equipment that you are responsible for.
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